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iQMS (Quality Management System)
iQMS is a system dedicated to the provision of measuring services for GSM and UMTS network operators, including supporting the HSPA technologies.
The system is based on a fleet of active autonomous probes which perform selectively assigned test tasks. They supply real-time indicators which allow for determining the service quality as perceived by the end subscribers as well as information about the arising failures of the mobile operator’s network.
Where iQMS is mainly used:
Service quality benchmarking (both of the given operator and the competing networks) as Support for the Quality Assurance Teams. 
Added value:
A low-cost and effective method for assessing the quality of services when compared to the standard drive tests; constant access to the results and data of the measurements; flexibility and scalability of the assessment tests; does not require any additional costs for purchasing a system, logistics or maintenance; as the final result of the test, InventLab supplies the client with the required data and reports.
End-to-End Operating Maintenance Centre (OMC), constant monitoring of the quality of the value-added services, proactive detection of network problems, accurate localisation of failures for each of the network elements (BTS, BSC, Node-B, RNC, SGSN etc.), prompt reports sent to the Network Maintenance Teams in order to remove the failure.
Added value:
iQMS can operate as a type of a monitoring system as opposed to the classic OMC, which focuses on the technical and efficiency network parameters. iQMS allows for observing of the correctness of the network operation as seen by the end subscriber, especially for the value-added services, whose quality control is not possible to be determined by the classic OMC in terms of End-to-End. iQMS also ensures post-implementation support; e.g. after implementing new software in network elements or hardware modernisation.
Designing and optimisation of mobile networks in terms of the quality perceived by the end user.
Added value:
Monitoring the changes of particular KPIs specifying the quality of services enables designers to optimise network operation in terms of meeting the required quality standards of the services. iQMS supplies specific information about the location, network element and time in which the quality of a given service and key parameters such as: CID/LA/RAC, RSCP, RSSI, Ec/lo, PSC, Neighbour list etc. decreased.

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